Economic Inequality On Campus Due To College Rankings

Though it might seem unbelievable but college rankings by the U.S. news create the economic inequality amongst students of different universities and colleges. The specialists of StudentHelper have conducted a special study on this essential matter. The facts turned to be dissatisfactory for people with a lower income. How does it happen?.

The Equality of Opportunity Project was specially initiated to promote equality amongst all students regardless of their background, race, and gender. Notwithstanding, the reality is something quite different from the initial objectives. The U.S. News rankings measure the academic world very closely and some educational institutions build the special strategy plans that promote the creation of incentives for some colleges and universities to give their favor the wealthier students. Accordingly, the less wealthy applicants have very low chances to get into the institution they wish.

There are special criteria that serve as unofficial guidelines or tips for the admission in various institutions. They evaluate the financial properties of the applicants. Thus, they make a great stress of the elite students who have a higher income. Such rankings induce and reinforce the economic inequality on the campus. This situation is critical. It creates a dire situation throughout the country and undermines the educational system of the United States of America.

There cannot be found a measurement for the economic diversity in educational institutions. The Obama administration tried to resolve this issue with the help of political pressure. Nevertheless, there is the ever-growing evidence that elite universities are the major reason why such diversity and inequality get reinforced.

Higher education was considered as the ladder of economic mobility. Notwithstanding, the recent studies show a strong and consistent tendency, which heads towards the rewarding of established wealth. In other words, the wealthier a student is the priorities he or she would obtain. The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation reported a very clear proof. It defined that the America’s most competitive schools admit 72% of a student with high income. In the meanwhile, only 3% of the bottom quarterly is admitted to the elite schools. Moreover, the statistic proves that less than 10% of students from the lowest quartile manage to get at least the bachelor’s degree. Such tendency is terrible and unfair.

When talking about the scale of the economic diversity, one should mention that it does not involve the Ivy League only. Lots of private and public university implement the same selection policy and give more heed to the wealthier students. It is obvious that such tendency should not be kept and the officials should find the proper alternatives to remove this great problem. Otherwise, the country risks having millions of unemployed and non-educated people.

Probably, the administration of Trump will manage to change the current situation. Recently, the president has assigned $200 million for women and minority directed at the technological education. Therefore, there is hope that such policy would be kept and the economic equality would be restored and reinforced. However, one should not push on. It is necessary to wait for a while to figure out how the things would run.

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