A Complete Guide For Small Businesses For Sourcing Goods In China

This article will give you a fair idea on how U.S. companies can source goods in China, and it throws light how those companies that cannot pay for to set up overseas offices or manufacturing operations can efficiently and resourcefully source suppliers in China.

Internet Search

The most convenient way to search for a reliable supplier in China is through the internet. There are a number of suppliers that can be found over the internet. A thorough research for suppliers listed over the internet can modernize your search and increase the number of rightful sources by filtering results for only those entries labeled as “gold member,” “verified supplier,” “onsite supplier,” or “accredited supplier.” Make sure to check the reputation, production capability, or quality offered by that verified suppliers.

Social Media

Social media is not inevitably a perfect platform to recognize suppliers. Only some suppliers have a social media existence, but they can be a good source for criticism or reviews of probable suppliers. Therefore, be careful when depending on such platforms and keep in mind to do your own due thoroughness as the information provided is often unproven, reviews are often unreliable, and sample sizes may be too small.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are another great way to find genuine suppliers. By attending trade shows, you have the chance to talk to prospective suppliers face to face about their companies, products, manufacture ability, quality-control procedures, and other key business areas. There face to face interaction will help you to assess suppliers and verify their abilities. There are a number of trade shows in China which you can search on Internet and visit. Even there are tradeshows in the USA which can help you to locate the right person. While going for the trade shows keep a note that there English might not be that fluent so try to manage things accordingly.

Verify Suppliers

It is essential to carry out adequate attentiveness on possible suppliers. The information provided by a possible supplier on its website and other media channels is a good start, but you need to verify whether a supplier in fact survives and is what it asserts to be. This verification can be done by a number of methods. Organize a visit to the pertinent local government agency to check the company’s registration.

Buying Directly from Suppliers

Once you are able to recognize, confirm, and vet a possible supplier, you can buy products straightforwardly from them or through a B2B sourcing platform. Buying directly from suppliers can save you bucks. There is also a risk of being scammed if products are not according to the required quality. So be prepared before. Suppliers like are known to offer commendable services to the direct supplier which includes both quality & discounts.

Commission-Based Sourcing Agent

If buying directly from a supplier looks like too many problems and risk, you can ask help from a commission-based China sourcing agent who has sourcing knowledge. These agents will help you to recognize and verify suppliers and make easy communications. Their fees can vary from 3 to 10 percent of the purchase price.

Sourcing Service Provider

Hire a sourcing service provider if you want someone who can help you with the total process. All kinds of services such as supplier identification, price negotiation, supply management, quality control management, logistics and shipment management, and other sourcing matters will be done by them. He might charge a certain fee according to the production.

Trading Company

A trading company may also serve as a great option if you want to buy a few products and don’t want to deal with all the complexities of sourcing in China. The trade-off is that your costs will usually be higher, as trading companies usually go for good margin.
These are some of the points which will help you to source goods in or from China through a reliable supplier, easily & at the best price.

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